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Neat and navy

Floral Reed Diffusers

Floral Reed Diffusers

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You guys!! I feel like these are the best things in the whole world!!!! and the French glass bottle is so beautiful. The smell is fantastic and the look is even more fantastic  

should last 2-4 months depending on area placed in  

Reed Diffusers are perfect for continuous, hassle-free fragrance. Each diffuser includes beautiful wood floral reeds that absorb and slowly release fragrance throughout your space. Insert reeds directly into the glass bottle, remove reeds for a more subtle scent or for smaller spaces. 

choose between scents and styles at checkout 

Birch Leaves: Top |  Birch, Eucalyptus, Mint
Middle | Cypress, Pine
Base | Tonka Bean, Smoke

Sweet Farmhouse: Top | White Peaches, Mango, Lemon 

Middle | Caramel, Wild Strawberries                               

Base | Brown Sugar, Vanilla Bean

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