How To Try to Talk Yourself Out of Buying Something Amazing

Hellooooo My Friends! I can't believe Its the end of June, and that I am writing my first blog post of 2022.  One of my goals in 2022 was to start writing about my treasure hunting adventures, (including successes and failures!) tips to make your home feel comfortable and cozy, gift giving guides, and just writing to you to say hello and that I appreciate you all.  

Better late than not at all, though, so here we go....

I have become AN EXPERT at trying to talk myself out of buying something amazing.  I am very very good at it. Good at trying to talk myself out of buying something amazing, just not good at ACTUALLY talking myself out of buying something amazing.  

Last week was no exception - I was on my way to a hair appointment - cuz "self-care" - but of course I had a few extra minutes so I pulled into a thrift store.  I walked around, was uninspired, and thought I maybe should have just gone to McDonald's for another diet coke instead.... WHEN all of a sudden, I spotted this FABULOUS vintage floral bohemian green couch.  OH. MY. WORD.  I immediately loved it, but I also knew maybe I shouldn't love it.  It definitely spoke to me, but also as a retail store owner, I knew it would take someone just like me (insert "sorta crazy") to love it as much as me.  And also, as a retail store owner, I want to appeal to the masses and buy furniture that a lot of people will love, not just a select few.

Soooooo... then began me saying things to myself like, "Dawn, no one will love it like you do and do you really want to buy a floral couch with butterflies and birds on it?" and "Dawn, come on, you love a lot of things, and just because YOU love it, does not mean you should buy it for the store" and "Dawn, let's just GO to your haircut appointment already and forget you ever saw it"

I left.  I did! I left the store and went to my hair appointment, frantically texting my friends pictures and asking their opinions (honestly, I don't think what they would say would matter one way or the other...) I sat through my hair appointment literally sweating and panicking that someone else would buy it.  I emailed Isaac a photo of it and he emailed back and said, "you need to get it. its all about the styling of it". I knew I would go back for it and probably be so darn mad at myself if someone else had bought it.  

As soon as my hair appointment was done, I left and shot right into the thrift store and THANK YOU BABY JESUS it was still there and I grabbed the tag and went to pay.  Holy Moly, why am I so crazy?!?! 

Better yet, they don't help you load, so I was left to load this beautifulness into my van on my own.  It was 100% worth it. I have visions of it in someone's four seasons porch, up against a black wall, or in a condo or studio.  I know its gonna be amazing wherever it ends up...because it is already amazing.  For now, I'm gonna enjoy it in the shop and sit on it whenever I have the chance.  

Please please tell me - What do you think of it?!?!

PS - If you need help being talked out of buying something - don't call me - I will be no help at all!

Now please please tell me - what do you think of it?

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  • I LOVE that you did NOT talk yourself out of getting that AMAZING couch (and that Issac is soo supportive)!


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